Pickering Dragon Boat Festival

Pickering Dragon Boat Festival

Our paddlers are back on race waters! Paddlers Anonymous was excited to start their first race of the season as a club at the Pickering Dragon Boat Festival. Although this season has been particularly challenging for many Toronto-based teams due to high water levels, our teams have persevered through the disruptions and found ways to continue their training. Their hard work has paid off! All three teams had strong performances in Pickering with DaBoat placing 3rd in their Division. Great start to the season teams!


Final Rec Mixed A Championship

  • DaBoat- 0:54:96 (200 m), 2:15:10 (500 m)


Final Rec Mixed B Championship

  • DaCatch- 0:57:29 (200 m), 2:31:00 (500 m)
  • DaWave- 1:01:81 (200 m), 2:41:20 (500 m)


Up next, Paddlers Anonymous will be travelling to Ottawa for their next regatta at the Tim Horton Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival (June 23-25)!