Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival

Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival

It was a beautiful weekend of racing in the books for all three teams!  In a regatta with more than 150 teams, all 3 teams qualified to race on day 2 along with the top 75 mixed teams of the regatta.  All 3 teams also earned hardware in each of their respective divisions!


daWave Results:

Placed 5th in final 200m (Division G): 0:59.00

Placed 3rd in final 100m (Division G): 0:29.60

Placed 6th in final 500m (Division G): 2:38.70


daCatch Results:

Placed 1st in final 200m (Division F): 0:51.93

Placed 1st in final 100m (Division F): 0:26.40

Placed 1st in final 500m (Division F): 2:23.80


daBoat Results:

Placed 2nd in final 200m (Division B): 0:48.46

Placed 1st in final 100m (Division B): 0:25.06

Placed 2nd in final 500m (Division B): 2:12.56


Congratulations daWave, daCatch and daBoat and a job well done!


The club also participated in our annual action-packed watermelon eating contest.  A fun and delicious time was had by all!


Up next:

daBoat & daWave take on Hamilton on July 8

daWave, daCatch & daBoat @ GWN Sport Regatta on July 13