Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival

Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival

Paddlers Anonymous DaBoat, DaCatch, and DaWave celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday in the nation’s capital and triumphantly brought home first place cups in their respective divisions!

The Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival proved to be a heart pounding experience as only the top 75 team qualify to compete in the second day of the competition in the mixed division.  Paddlers Anonymous DaBoat entered the second day of the competition at rank 16. DaCatch earned the 50th spot out of the top 75 teams. DaWave stayed persistent and captured the 75th spot.

Despite having the 500m finals cancelled for DaCatch and DaWave due to severe thunderstorm, the Paddlers Anonymous teams collectively earned five trophies! DaBoat brought home cups for 200m and 500m races in Mixed C division. DaCatch brought home the cup for 100m in Mixed G division. DaWave surprised the competition by taking first place in the 100m and 200m mixed J division.

All teams paddled hard and fought through the difficult weather. Great accomplishment Paddlers Anonymous! Up next, DaBoat and Dawave will be paired together to race closer to home at the GWN Sport Regatta!

Race results:


  • 100m Mixed C Final 0:27.76
  • 200m Mixed C Final 0:52.00
  • 500m Mixed C Final 2:09.93


  • 100m Mixed G Final 0:28.00
  • 200m Mixed G Final 0:57.43
  • 500m Mixed G Final Rained out


  • 100m Mixed J Final 0:29.83
  • 200m Mixed J Final 0:59.03
  • 500m Mixed J Final Rained out