Milton Dragon Boat Festival

Milton Dragon Boat Festival

Our paddlers are ready ready for another exciting season of dragon boat racing! Paddlers Anonymous was excited to start their first race of the season as a club at the Milton Dragon Boat Festival located at Kelso Conservation Area and hosted by Lively Dragon.  All three teams had strong performances in Milton. Great start to the season teams!

Final results (500m):

  • daBoat: placed first in D division with a time of 2:15
  • daCatch: placed first in H division with a time of 2:19
  • daWave: placed third  in H division with a time of 2:40


The club also participated in our annual PA Day festivities.  PA Day is an annual club event that brings out a little friendly competition amongst teammates and teams. This year’s PA Day consisted of an exciting  relay race that tested the teams’ fitness. Congrats to Team 1 for showing everyone how it’s done. PA Day finished off with the infamous watermelon-eating contest. Congrats daCatch for coming up on top!

Up next, all three team of Paddlers Anonymous will be travelling to Welland for their next regatta at the Welland Dragon Boat Festival (Saturday, June 9, 2018).