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Paddlers Anonymous – 2022 Season


Welcome to Paddlers Anonymous Dragon Boat Club!  This year, PA will have three teams at the novice, recreational, and competitive levels, respectively.

All three crews are PA teams with our trademark culture and spirit. Our paddlers are typically students and/or young professionals, ranging in age from early-20’s to mid-30’s. So pick the team that best suits your schedule and preferred level of competition. Dragon boat racing is about teamwork and commitment, so we ask that you contact the team organizers if there could be potential conflicts with your schedule.

The window for registration will be open for ~3 weeks, generally ending mid/late FebruarySpots will be very limited, so register early for better chances.

Thank you for considering Paddlers Anonymous Dragon Boat Club!


This team welcomes paddlers from all experience levels but the program is targeted towards the recreational level.


  • 5 poolside + gym practices
  • 9 in-boat water practices
  • 3 races included: Milton, Toronto Islands, and GWN Sport
  • Cost: $351
  • Roster size: 24 paddlers
  • Registration Status: Priority for returning members


This team is organized by Jack, Ivan, Denn, Jonah, and MT. For complete details and schedule information, please check out the team info.


This team is for recreational/novice focused paddlers (minimum 1 year dragon boat experience preferred).


  • poolside + gym practices
  • 10 in-boat water practices
  • 2 races included: Toronto Islands, and GWN Sport
  • Cost: TBD + uniform costs for new paddlers
  • Roster size: 21 paddlers
  • Registration Status: Open


This team is organized by Fiona and Rebecca, and coached by Chris, Jon, and Nigel. For complete details and schedule information, please check out the team info.


This team is for experienced and/or competitive paddlers (minimum 1 year dragon boat experience required)


  • 5 poolside + 2 outdoor practices
  • 16 in-boat water practices
  • 5 races included: Milton, Welland, Montreal, and GWN Sport
  • Cost: TBD
  • Roster size: 26 paddlers
  • Registration Status: Open


This team is organized by Ray Leung, Matt Pua and Daniel Nasu. For complete details and schedule information, please check out the team info.

*Note: Cost per paddler fee excludes hotel, meals, and travel accommodations for Montreal Regatta as this will be the paddler’s expense.

Registration details

  • Applying online does not guarantee a spot on any team.
  • Spots will be offered upon the conclusion of the signup period.
  • If offered a spot, your registration fee will be due within 5 days (via EMT, instructions provided later).
  • Your membership will be confirmed upon receipt of the registration fee.



Organized Potluck

If you join the team this year, then as a paddlers you will participate in the Organized Pot Luck, which is mandatory. Failure to do so is punishable by death! Also, you it will be highly frowned upon by your fellow paddlers! Remember. Food is an important part of our culture.

Every regatta our chefs (roughly 8 volunteers from this team, per race) will come up with a menu, all items will be divided and costs (roughly $10-15 per person) will be distributed evenly. Your job once you select an item from the menu will be to find that item and bring it to the regatta.


Refund Policy

The season cost of a team is calculated by the total number of paddlers in a season. This means that the cost is shared evenly between all participants. In the unlikely event that you decide to drop out and choose not to paddle this season, we do have a refund policy in place.

  • Full refund will be provided before the first practice minus a $25 administration fee.
  • 50% of the season cost will be refunded after the 1st practice and before the 4th practice minus a $25 administration fee.
  • No refunds will be provided after the 4th practice.



Do I have to buy my own equipment?

You can if you want, but all basic lifejackets and paddles will be provided for you free of charge at all races and practices. Typically, paddlers on this team are encouraged to have their own gear.

What do I need to bring to practices?

You should definitely bring a change of clothes and wear anything but cotton. Sport sandles or paddling shoes would also be good. And a few bottles of water and a quarter (25c) for the lockers at sunnyside. For practices in April and early May, paddling gloves are also highly recommended to keep your hands warm in the cold water.

My schedule this season is uncertain, should I sign up?

Dragon boating is a team sport. It relies on a commitment from the entire crew to make the season a successful and fun experience. Although certain circumstances occur that dictate our decisions to miss practices or races, consider your future plans and if you know for certain you will miss a lot of practices and races consider an alternative team with less committment in Paddlers Anonymous.

How do I know if this team is right for me?

Based on the team description, if you find your self still uncertain, feel free to contact the team management via the emails found on their respective team pages.

Are there hidden costs to the dragon boat season?

Organized Pot Luck Cost, Parking Costs, Optional Paddle Equipment Costs. Ottawa travel and accommodation costs.