Hamilton Waterfest

Hamilton Waterfest

This weekend daBoat and daWave took on the challenge of facing fierce competition in Hamilton. For the second time in the season, both teams had to endure a heavy stormy day at the regatta, yet all teammates kept high spirits and remained vigilant.

daBoat shrugged off these weather conditions and came home with medals around their necks! Meanwhile, daWave set a strong season-spanning record in their 500m qualifier with a time of 2:17.27!

Great work to both teams, and let’s carry on this momentum into a season finish at GWN next week!

daBoat Results:
200m Qualifier – 0:47
500m Qualifier – 2:04
500m Division A Final – 2:06 (second place)

daWave Results:
200m Qualifier – 0:55
500m Qualifier – 2:17
500m Division C Final – 2:29 (fifth place)