GWN Sport Dragonboat Regatta

GWN Sport Dragonboat Regatta

Paddlers Anonymous geared up for a full day of races and competition at this year’s GWN Sport Regatta! Our teams DaBoat and DaWave were excited to race in local waters where the energy was high with this year’s competition. DaBoat reached a new season best at 2:06:71 for 500m and finished 11th  overall in the Sport Mixed Division. DaWave finished their season’s last regatta on a strong note, achieving season records in both 200m and 500m to capture 1st place gold in Community Mix B Grand!

Congratulations on the new records DaBoat and Dawave! As DaWave celebrate their end of season win, DaBoat and DaCatch will prepare for one last regatta at the Guelph Dragon Boat Challenge on July 29, 2017. Good luck teams!


  • Final 200m – 0:57:43
  • Final 500m – 2:19:88



  • Final 200m – 0:52:60
  • Final 500m – 2:06:71
  • 2k Grand Final – 10:36:23