Guelph Dragon Boat Challenge

Guelph Dragon Boat Challenge

Paddlers Anonymous closed out their season with a bang (of a cannon start that is) at this year’s Guelph Dragon Boat Challenge!  This time, teams DaBoat and DaCatch were pitted against each other in the very first race of the day, placing themselves in A and D Divisions and setting the bar for what was to come!

Guelph featured a very unique 200m Knockout format that had teams racing up to six 200m races.  Within each division, four teams race against each other again and again (with the last place team eliminated each time) until only two remain on the water for a dramatic one on one final!

It seems that the other teams weren’t quite able to catch up to DaCatch, as they dominated their three back-to-back races and took home a 1st place gold medal!  Only the fastest survive!  Meanwhile, DaBoat climbed to the very top of the regatta ranks and finished a fantastic 3rd overall out of 33 participating teams. Way to go teams!

Paddlers Anonymous closed out the day with a 2k race that tested their endurance and was a fitting grand finale to their last regatta of the season!

Congratulations to all our paddlers! Although our official racing season is over,  Paddlers Anonymous is extending their season and uniting to make one final comeback at Christie Lake!  Stay tuned!